6 Fun Diamond Painting Techniques

6 Fun Diamond Painting Techniques

With regards to Diamond Painting, position method is the one region where you can truly add a sprinkle of imagination. Regardless of what anybody advises you, there’s no correct method to put a precious stone!

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Possibly you incline toward going tone by shading. Or on the other hand you’re the sort to move line by column with a Great Big Diamond Wheel™. In any case, there’s no set in stone answer. Here’s our positioning of our 6 most loved Diamond Painting methods.

6. Shading By Color

Shading By Color Diamond Painting

It may not be the most coordinated methodology, however it’s unquestionably the most direct! Pick a solitary tone/character and work your way across a little revealed space of the material.

Precious stone By Diamond Technique

This method is overly fulfilling as you fill in holes trendy diamond painting avis and watch your Diamond Painting become animated. Try not to strip back a lot of the material covering at the same time or the glue may dry out between meetings!

5. Coordinated Diamond Chaos

Natalie Henderson‎ says, “One of the techniques I use to help it go somewhat quicker is to have a few distinctive shading drills in my plate immediately. I can get a ton of the material covered as I get across the strip.”

It’s sort of a riff on the Color By Color technique, yet with more mayhem tossed in. Simply be certain not to drop the plate! Be that as it may, in the event that you do, you can generally guarantee Oh Sh*t Insurance 😉

4. Tweezers

Tweezers With Partial Drill Diamond Painting

While each Diamond Painting Kit accompanies both a Diamond Pen and a bunch of tweezers, numerous individuals incline toward the pen. The tweezers are unquestionably not for everybody, but rather the exactness of the movement resembles layering somewhat round of “Activity” onto the interaction!

Tweezers Diamond Painting

Tweezers are ideal in case you’re working with a Partial Drill pack or one with extraordinary jewels. The tweezers help you brace onto the precious stone effectively paying little heed to its shape.

3. Extraordinary Big Diamond Wheel™

This strategy is somewhat cutting-edge, and may take a touch of moving, yet it truly speeds things up once you get moving! Utilize the Paint With Diamonds Great Big Diamond Wheel™ to apply many jewels in a solitary go.

Make a point to arrange your roller impeccably before you start, or your line might be somewhat off! It might take a touch of training, however this technique is an immense efficient device.

2. Column By Row/Multi-Placer

Column By Row Diamond Painting

For a many individuals, the “aha” snapshot of flipping over your Diamond Pen and utilizing the Multi-Placer instrument comes past the point of no return. Be that as it may, whenever you’ve delighted in the brilliant qualities of going column by line, there’s no retreat.

1. The Checkerboard

Checkerboard Diamond Painting Technique

“Checkerboarding” alludes to the cycle of first filling in each and every square in a part of your Diamond Painting, at that point returning and filling in the holes. The interaction works preferably with enormous territories containing a solitary tone.

Checkerboarding Diamond Painting

With Checkerboarding, your subsequent way to deal with occupy in the vacant spaces is very fulfilling, in light of the fact that every single jewel “snaps” into place. You likewise don’t need to stress over keeping your lines straight – things simply will in general fix themselves

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