Understanding the US Incorporation Process

Q: Can a Foreign Nationality Entrepreneur who isn’t a US Citizen or a US Resident be an investor of a US Corporation?

A: Yes. U.S. laws enable an outside nationality individual to consolidate a business in the US. You can be open your US business and be a sole investor.

Q: Can a Foreign Company (Corporation) be a sole investor of a US Corporation or Limited Liability Company?

A: Yes. A Foreign Company can hold 100% of the portions of a US Corporation as well as a US Limited Liability Company. The US Entity will be a backup of the Foreign Corporation.

Q: What would it be advisable for me to think about when picking the kind of substance in the US?

A: U.S. also, States laws offer a few kinds of business substances for a Foreign Nationality Entrepreneur. When picking your US Entity you ought to think about the accompanying issues:

1) Ownership Structure (Who are the investors? People or Corporations? U.S. Occupants or Foreign Nationality?

2) Tax Planning (what kind of element will furnish you with the most expense points of interest in the U.S. what’s more, in your own nation?

3) Business Purpose (what will be the idea of your U.S. Business movement – Online Trading, Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing, Consulting, R&D, Wholesale, Marketing.

4) Future plans for raising money as well as including new investors. Do you intend to raise capital by opening up to the world? Will you have more investors later on (U.S. Inhabitants and additionally Foreign Nationality).

Q: What are my choices as a Non-US-Resident with regards to Entity Types?

A: Non-US-Resident has the accompanying choices to arrangement a US Entity:

1. C. Organization, known as Sample Company Name, INC.

2. Constrained Liability Company, known as Sample Company Name, LLC.

NOTE: There is another sort of Corporation company formation accessible in the US (S. Enterprise). In any case, investors of S. Partnership must be us-inhabitants.

Q: What are the likenesses among Corporation and Limited Liability Company?

A: Corporation and LLC both have shared favorable circumstances:

1. Separate Entity (from its investors) fuse under State Laws.

2. Give restricted risk to its investors. The substance is at risk not the investors.

3. Proprietors of the element can be people or company regardless of whether they are non-us-inhabitants.

4. There is no restriction on the quantity of proprietors/investors. Enable the element to “open up to the world” or include boundless number of investors.

5. Permit various classes of offers holders or possession (liked, normal, and so forth’)

6. Can be a U.S. Manager

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